With its population of 619.812 and an area of 3.309 km², Zonguldak is surrounded by the Black sea to the north, Bartın to the northeast, Karabük to the east, Bolu to the south and Düzce to the west. Our province, close to the big provinces like Ankara and Istanbul has only one airport called Saltukova Airport. Zonguldak, comprising 6 districts including Central District, Alaplı, Çaycuma, Devrek, Gökçebey and Krd. Ereğli, is under the effect of Black sea climate. Each season is rainy and warm but the most rainfall is seen in autumn and winter in Zonguldak. The lands of our province, 52% of which covers forestlands, was fragmented by a valley network, and Filyos Streamlet, Gülüç Streamlet, Devrek and Alaplı Rivers, Üzülmez and Kozlu Runnels are within the borders of the province  ............>



While it was one of the districts of Zongudak, it gained the status of a province in 1991. Bartın, with its population of 188.449 and an area of 2.143 km², is surrounded by Kastamonu to the east, Karabük to the south, Zonguldak to the west and the Black sea to the north. Our province, under the effect of Black sea climate, has the most productive plains in the Western Black Sea region. Bartın Streamlet with its facilities for waterway transport, Gökırmak and Kozcağız runnels are important aboveground water resources of our province.   ...........>


Karabük, which was one of the districts of Zonguldak until 1995, gained the status of a province on 6 June 1995 with its six districts including Central District, Eflani, Eskipazar, Ovacık, Safranbolu and Yenice.
Karabük, with its population of 216.248 and an area of 4.145 km², is surrounded by Bartın to the north, Kastamonu to the northeast and east, Çankırı to the southeast, Bolu to the southwest and Zonguldak to the west. In Karabük, which is quite scattered in terms of settlements, villages are generally built in valley bases, near the forestlands and along the roads. Its biggest tributary is Filyos Streamlet, and its most important altitude is Keltepe. In our province, territorial climate is seen in the highlands while the climate is relatively mild in the valley base.      ...........>