(1) Direct financing support, within the framework of the below stated principles and procedures of the agency, are the free aids provided for specific projects and activities.
(2) Direct financing support mainly consists of supports, which the agency provides through calls for proposals. However, as an exception, the agency can provide direct support in the form of direct activity support and guided project support without making a call for proposal in order to alleviate some of its responsibilities about project preparation or directly manage the preparation process.
(3) The agency can apply progressive calls for proposals by considering the target audience, scope of the support and application capacity of the potential beneficiary ..........>.


(1) Interest support is a free aid envisaging the interest expenses they will pay in return for the loans they will get from the relevant intermediary institutions to be met by the agency for the projects of the profit-oriented natural and legal persons as qualified in the application guide.
(2) Maximum amount of support for each of the project envisaged to be supported by interest support cannot exceed 5% of the total appropriation allocated for interest support for that year ..........>


1) The agency can provide corporate quality and capacity developing technical support services such as training, contribution to project and program preparation, temporary assignment of expert staff, providing consultancy, lobbying activities and establishing international relations by means of its own staff or purchasing service in compulsory situations within the framework of its present facilities mainly for the planning works of the local administrations and the regional plan and program applications or the local capacity-increasing activities and for the works of the other public institutions and organizations and NGOs that can provide contributions to local and regional development in the region provided that it is subjected to fair, honest and transparent rules and it is not related to a call for proposal made by the agency itself.  ..........>


Zonguldak, Karabük and Bartın Investment Support Offices (YDOs) will carry out the activities within the body of the Western Black Sea Development Agency. YDOs are the units dealing with the promotion and encouragement of the business and investment environments of the provinces in which they are located for the domestic and foreign investors. The entire investment support services offered by the YDOs, which are responsible to the Secretariat General, are free of charge. The duties and responsibilities of the YDOs are identified below: ..........>