Zonguldak İnvestment Support Ofice
The Western Black Sea Development Agency provides consultancy service particularly by means of the Investment Support Offices in order to expand its current market and increase competitive power. 
Our Investment Support Office in Zonguldak, where it is responsible for, carries out
• information support and consultancy services in every stage of the investment,
• coordinates and follows the required permission and license procedures.
All the services provided by the Investment Support Offices are free of charge.
The area of our province is 3.310 km2 and our province, which is quite near to the big centers such as Istanbul, Ankara and Kocaeli, can be easily reached by means of Istanbul-Ankara highway.
The distance of our province, which is 108 km far from the Ankara-Istanbul highway (Yeniçağa turn), from some of the provinces are shown in the Table below.
Ankara     268 km
Istanbul   331 km
Kocaeli    220 km
Bursa      342 km
Social Structure
The total population of Zonguldak Province is 619.812 according to the Address-Based Population Registration System and the population density is 188 person/km2. The urban population rate of population is 45% while the rural population rate is 55%. 
52% of the lands of our province, which has rich aboveground water resources and coalfields, are covered by forests.
Karaelmas University, which gained its corporate identity on 1 January 1993, renders service with its Faculties of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Fine Arts and Medicine and various schools and vocational schools.
In our province, there is a School for the Trainable Mentally-Impaired, a School for Educable Mentally-Retarded, a primary and high school for the hearing-impaired and a centre for the highly-gifted and talented.

In our province, the total number of hospital beds is 2.141 and it is in the 13th place in the number of the beds per one hundred thousand people. 

Zonguldak is one of the important industrial centers in our country. The economy of the province is based on mining directed by the underground resources and industry. Rich coal fields have allowed for the development of iron-steel industry in the region and therefore, the formation of sub-industries.
Other industrial branches such as forestry products, industry based on stone and land (bricks, ceramics etc) along with the mentioned industrial areas have also been developed.
Its geographical location, convenient transportation, energy facilities and underground resources make Zonguldak attractive for new investments as well. 

Organized Industrial Zones
Within the borders of our province there are 3 Organized Industrial Zones.
Çaycuma Organized Industrial Zone      125 Hectares
KDZ. Ereğli Organized Industrial Zone 200 Hectares
Alaplı Organized Industrial Zone           150 Hectares
Additionally, the Filyos basin has been declared as a Free Zone within the scope of the Filyos Valley Project. Again, within the scope of this project, the works to establish a new organized industrial zone has been continuing.

Zonguldak, despite its rugged terrain structure, which is the characteristics of the Black Sea Region, is in a good location in terms of its transportation networks.

Zonguldak Port                  121.753 tons/year
Erdemir Port                      16.500.000 tons/year
Ereğli Port                         450.000 tons/year
Ereğli Shelter Quay Pier    200.000 tons/year
Filyos Port, which is now under construction within the scope of the Çatalağzı Port and Filyos Valley Project, will also enable the province to be an important centre in its integration with the transportation network and sea transport.
There are totally 136 km of railways within the borders of Zonguldak province, Zonguldak-Karabük Line 122 km and Ereğli – Armutçuk Line 14 km. Through this line, there is also another connection to Ankara over Çankırı. These lines are used for passenger transportation and cargo.
Along with this, a 250 km long railway line, which consists of Adapazarı-Kaarasu- Akçakoca-Ereğli-Zonguldak-Bartın to get connected to Istanbul via Ereğli in Zonguldak and Düzce, is in the project phase.
Saltukova Airport (500.000 person/year)
The distance of the airport which is located in Çaycuma district from Zonguldak is 65 km. Now, the airport, 89 km far from the surrounding provinces to Karabük and 38 km to Bartın, serves only for the flights to Germany, but soon it will be planned to serve for the domestic flights. 

The origins of Zonguldak are fed by a culture that dates back to B.C. 1200s. It was used as a settlement area and a trade centre by various civilizations from Phrygians, Lydians, and Persians to the Roman Empire. The region hosts the caves, palaces and various places often mentioned even in the myths. Although these places are not uncovered completely from the land covering them, it is apparent that the region has a great potential for tourism. When the works in the Tios city in Filyos, pronounced as the first and second-degree archeological area, have been completed, it is stated by the archeologists that it will be one of the greatest historical cities in Anatolia.
Besides these potentials, Zonguldak province has values that will enable it to become a centre for nature tourism and other alternative tourism options. While it allows for the use of sea with its 80 km-long coastal band and large and small beaches, these lands, which has the longest caves in Turkey, attract tourists with some specific activities such as photo safari, rafting and trekking with its falls and plateaus; and it appeals to very different groups with its botanic richness, large forests and hunting facilities.
In addition, its proximity to the important centers such as Safranbolu, Abant and Yedigöller increases the potential of the region for longer holidays.
Benefiting From Incentives and Supports
Priority Development Regions
That Zonguldak Province is within the scope of “Priority Development Region” creates an opportunity for both private and public sector to benefit from the public support policies. 
The incentive system provides an opportunity for incentive application regarding the issues such as
• Customs duty exemption,
• Land allocation,
• Value Added Tax exemption,
• Interest support,
• Social security premium support for employers,
• Energy support
for the first-degree priority regions for development. 
The ADNKS (Address-Based Population Registration System) data provided by the Turkish Statistical Institute as of 31.12.2009 were taken into consideration.
New Incentive System
In accordance with the new investment incentive system entered into force upon publication in the Official Gazette dated 16 July 2009 and numbered 27290,  Bartın is placed in Region III.
Supports such as
1. Customs duty exemption,
2. VAT exemption,
3. Tax reduction,
4. Social security premium support for employers, 

5. Land allocation of investment locations,
6. Interest support,
can be provided for the investments to be made in Region III.